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January 2019 newsletter

After Hours Emergencies

Village Veterinary Clinic is NOT attended 24 hours a day. If you have an after-hours emergency you have two choices of emergency clinics:
Hillcrest Veterinary Emergency Centre
Cube House, 32 Old Main Road Hillcrest
Cell: 084 520 1417
Sherwood after Hours Veterinary Clinic
Corner Locksley & 36 Jersey Road, Sherwood
Phone 031 207 1300

Village Veterinary Clinic is NOT attended 24 hours a day. If you have an after-hours emergency you have two choices of emergency clinics:

Hillcrest Veterinary Emergency Centre
Cube House, 32 Old Main Road Hillcrest Cell: 084 520 1417

Westville Veterinary Hospital
31 Jan Hofmeyr Road, Westville
Phone 031 267 8000

ePetstoreVillage Veterinary Clinic is NOT attended 24 hours a day. If you have an after-hours emergency you have two choices of emergency clinics:
Hillcrest Veterinary Emergency Centre
Cube House, 32 Old Main Road Hillcrest
Cell: 084 520 1417
Sherwood after Hours Veterinary Clinic
Corner Locksley & 36 Jersey Road, Sherwood
Phone 031 207 1300

Village Vet Shop


Shop Open Times:
Monday - Friday:
7:45 am - 6:00 pm
8:30 am - 12 pm
Veterinary Consult Times:
Monday - Friday:
Mornings: 8:30 am - 12 pm
Afternoons: 2 pm - 5:30 pm
8:30 am to 11 am

Village Pet Parlour

Opening times:

Monday to Friday
7:30 to 5 pm
Tel:  031 655 1252
Cell: 079 626 6927

How we began and where we are today

Before…. and after

Village Veterinary Clinic has been in existence, as such, for about 30 years but was purchased by Dr Craig Mostert in 2002. It was virtually unchanged from the family home that it used to be; with the office being in the old master bedroom. The bedroom cupboards were still intact with a pink ensuite bathroom! The shop was in the lounge with a fireplace and linoleum floor. Dr Mostert purchased the practice with the vision of creating a truly first class hospital facility to provide world class care for the patients brought to Village Veterinary Clinic. This took quite some time, with many, many structural and cosmetic changes. We have many loyal customers who lived with us through the chaos, the noise, the brick dust and the jackhammering, but the transformation was well worth it. In various stages we have grown from a humble Kloof home to a 500sqm state of the art veterinary hospital.

Comfort for humans and animals

You won’t find any sterile white walls here though; our aim was to make it a pleasant experience as possible for animals and humans alike. The colours on the walls are soothing, there is Illy coffee for you to enjoy while you wait (for coffee buffs, it is made with Arabica beans) and we have had many positive comments about the children and animal posters that are framed on our walls.We are a “small animal and exotics hospital” which means cats and dogs and lots of other beautiful little creatures. We cater for them all; we have a ward for cats, a ward for dogs, an exotics ward for the likes of: snakes, birds, bunnies, hamsters, monkeys, lizards, chickens, hadedahs, tortoises, etc. etc. Each ward is temperature controlled. The exotics ward for example needs to be kept warmer than the others. Music is played quietly throughout, so the animals never feel alone and music has been proven to be soothing to animals. We also have a high care/isolation ward. After surgery animals are placed on a heat pad if needed to make them more comfortable and the dogs all have blankets in their kennels during their stay. All dogs that are able, are walked daily in our back garden, if they are long term patients and are able to be outside, we have 4 outdoor kennels so they can get a little fresh air.


We have a laundry and sterilisation room, where all blankets are laundered and surgical equipment is sterilised in an autoclave. No instruments boiling in a pot on a stovetop here!  Genuine Croc™ shoes can also be autoclaved, which is why the surgeons wear them in our sterile theatre. So if you are ever behind the scenes and see the shelf of Croc™ shoes, that is why they are there, we aren’t saving them up for “Casual Day”!We have a tiled floor throughout that is cleaned regularly with a steam cleaner. We use pleasant smelling disinfectants so the practice is always pleasant to walk into.


We have a beautiful visiting/counselling room. Inside you will find comfortable upholstered chairs and a coffee table, art on the walls for adults and children. Children missing their pets, find a visit reassuring. If your pet is with us for a while and up for a visit, we will bring them here to spend time with you out of the ward. If they are well enough they really enjoy this. If your pet has a complicated case that we need to discuss in more detail with you, we’d probably do it here. There is an Imaging screen here, where we can show you the results of X-rays and discuss a treatment plan. It is important to us that you understand all your options, the possible outcomes and for us to know your feelings on a treatment plan before we proceed. If you have any concerns or issues that you want to discuss with us, we will probably sit down with a cup of coffee and go over them with you here. If you ever want to talk something over with us about your pets we are here to listen. Also, sometimes, sadly we have to deliver bad news. We find it best to sit down and break it gently and privately to you here. We will spend some time with you and answer your questions. It is important that people be allowed to grieve and to feel comfortable enough to express their feelings of loss after losing a pet they loved dearly. There are cases where despite our most valiant efforts, we have tried and failed and we share in your grief too.    We have an “In memorium” book here, for you to share special memories if your pet has passed away. Whilst you may shed a tear writing in that book, you will see from other comments there that you are not alone and your words will bring some comfort to those that come after you. It is not a consult room, so you don’t need to feel rushed to make way for anyone waiting in reception. When you are ready, you can leave. We have a visitor’s bathroom really nearby so you can freshen up before you have to face the world. All these factors contribute to the comfort and standard of care for our clients and patients, but just as with humans, it is in the equipment, the `bells and whistles’ that we really get a chance to shine.

Quality Facilities

Dr Mostert has always believed in re-investing in the practice to constantly raise the bar in the standards of medicine practiced.  The better your equipment, the more rapidly and accurately you are able to diagnose a condition. The faster you can do this, the better your chance of saving lives. James Herriot did exceptionally well with what he had back in the 1940’s, but today, the standard of animal medicine that we practice here is neck and neck with human medicine. Don’t be surprised if you come back stage one day and see the same as you have encountered in your own hospital. We have two surgical theatres, one dental area and an Imaging Department, where we now have only digital equipment, both digital X-Ray and digital Ultrasound. We have our own laboratory; we use a suite of Idexx blood analysis equipment. We do most of our own blood and urine tests, saving time saves lives, so the more we can do here, the better. In our own facility we can carry out blood tests, X-Ray, Ultrasound, diagnose and begin treatment rapidly. Now that we are digital, we can email images to a specialist if we wish to seek their opinion on something, without wasting time either driving the patient or the X-rays to them.  Our record keeping is also digital, we use a custom international veterinary software programme called Avimark™. All our patient records are stored there, so our X-Rays being digital, are simply saved. Blood and urine test results are scanned in and stored digitally to form part of that record. We make notes after every consult and every phone call, so that our record keeping is accurate. Patient history is critical when it comes to resolving issues, the better our records the better our care.

Innovation Driven

All our equipment purchases are innovation driven, the practice principal, Dr Craig Mostert, is constantly investigating new and better equipment. We were the first Veterinary Practice in Natal to install a Digital X-Ray Machine, with others following our lead shortly afterwards. As we buy from the same sales reps that sell to the human hospitals, there is often some amusement as they have to demonstrate their equipment and radiography skills on tortoises, bunnies and monkeys, instead of the usual, run of the mill human subjects!


Evidence Based Medicine

We practice Evidence Based Medicine. What does that mean? It means if your pet comes in displaying a few symptoms that could be due to a variety of causes, we will not treat for one, and work our way through the list until we eventually get it right. We will first run all the necessary tests to find out exactly what it is we are dealing with and treat that. It also means that our clinical history on your pet is accurate, we don’t just have a list of medications prescribed over time and we also have detailed medical histories that may prove vital later on.

A Note about fees

Those of you that have medical aid will be familiar with the term “medical aid rate” it means the fee that your medical aid deems that procedure should cost. Veterinarians are governed in a similar fashion by the South African Veterinary Council (S.A.V.C) which is a statutory body. The S.A.V.C recommends a minimum and maximum tariff for every procedure commensurate with practice facilities and standard of care. Village Veterinary Clinic’s fees are charged according to the recommended guideline as proposed by the S.A.V.C.

Community Service/ Charity work

Village Veterinary Clinic is also involved in helping animals in distress and those unable financially to care for their pets. We do this by donating time to the S.P.C.A assisting them at their premises with patients brought to them for care. We also are involved in Community Veterinary Clinics (C.V.C) the C.V.C was set up by veterinarians to provide care for animals that belong to the poorest of the poor. These people cannot afford to care for their pets and along with other vets that work on a rotational basis, we give them the opportunity to bring their pets in for treatment. This facility operates from, but is independent to, the S.P.C.A. We also work closely with the Animal Anti Cruelty League and Husky rescue. All these organisations need all the assistance they can get from the public and professional staff. We are proud to be of assistance to them where possible. On our own home front we have what we call the “Stray animal fund, or Wildlife fund”. This is for all the beautiful creatures of the wild that are brought to us, hurt in some way. It is for the hadedahs, the barn owls, the duikers and all the other wildlife that need help. This is funded by donations from school visits, and in part by the people who bring them in. Some people have made donations on behalf of their pet, when their pet has passed away. We have had amazing successes, with many creatures released back safely to their home environment. Those that are unable to go back to the wild, are found safe and appropriate homes for them to live out their days in.


We hope this gives you an overall idea of who we are and how we do things. We try to balance the warmth of care with the sophistication of medicine, to offer the best of both to you and your pet. We don’t cut corners, but we do promise to do our best to care for you and your pet, whether it is for a routine check-up or in times of dire need.We appreciate the trust that you place in us and we have an excellent team of Veterinary Surgeons, a dedicated nursing staff backing them and first rate medical technology at their disposal to offer you the best that we can do for you and the pets that form part of your family.